edit: guten rutsch and a happy new year!

. Thursday, December 31, 2009


we’re actually staying at home tonight, there’s nothing much to do with a 1 year old. but I don’t mind at all, I love having a yummy dinner and watching the new year’s eve tv programm! traditionally we eat fondue or raclette, drink champagne and watch “dinner for one” right before midnight. then we open the window and watch the fireworks. I just hope my baby can sleep and will not wake up from all the noise outside.

later on we do some lead-pouring (actually I think it’s tin). you put some tin on a spoon and hold it into a flame. when it’s melted you pour it into cold water and try to predict your future from the resulting shape (which mostly looks like a penis ;-) if we do this tonight I’m gonna show you a picture!)

another tradition is to jump off a chair at midnight or bite the head off a biscuit fish. and you give each other lucky charms.

my today’s manicure is rather simple, I applied a “screaming color” illamasqua obsess and stamped on a bunch of good luck symbols. I added opi text you text me as a topcoat.


I wish you all a very blessed and happy

new year 2010. may it be the best year


and don’t forget to enter the after x-mas giveaway, which ends in a few hours!

edit: I forgot this: have fun!

2 readers thoughts:

Mighty Lambchop said...

I love this manicure, it is so cute!
Sounds like you will have a lot fun without going out.

Hope you have a Happy New Year!

MissMarlboro said...

The pig is so cute!! ^_^

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