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. Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I really had great nails lately. good shape, good condition, no stains. just great. but all of a sudden they started chipping, breaking and getting stained again! and I’m not sure, why. I guess I have to blame one or another polish for staining, but I don’t know which :-S and I think the nails are that weak because the last mm of fake nail underground are growing out now. and the manicurist really buffed these areas very heavily. and I’m sad to say, that I think the square shape is not ideal for my nails, because the edges just kept breaking one after one.

I ordered the china glaze calcium gel fortifier some time ago, and I waited for the time to try this.


here’s what the box says:

fortifier base coat helps thin, weak nails grow long and strong.

application: apply two coats to clean, bare nails. repeat every four days for four weeks. for best results, do not apply laquer.

it doesn’t say if you have to remove the old layers before you apply the new, but I guess so.

the gel looks very glossy on the nail, like a glossy top coat. and it dries instantly! but: it has an orange tone and makes the stained nails look even more yellow. I feel very uncomfortably with that look. and after two days the gel started chipping, it just popped off the nails. I then applied another coat, but it still looked bedraggled.

I started using the gel on christmas day and I will use it four weeks. I’ll only apply colored polish on special occasions, to get the best result. I will keep you informed ;-)

on this pic you can see the horrible condition of the nail tips. I already applied the gel here:


after I took this picture the edges kept breaking and chipping, so I had to file them really short :-(


if you know this product feel free to share your experience in a comment!

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Jenny$1983 said...

I do hope this works for you! My mother is having the same problem, she is very upset: I've put her on a regime of one coat of Nail Envy and two of nail polish, mostly China Glaze for the "nail hardeners" in it. It seems to be helping, after three or four weeks :)

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