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. Wednesday, December 9, 2009



I just found out that I got tagged one more time by dizzynails. she already tagged me in sep. I have to share 10 facts about me, and I think I already did that before?! again, if you want to share this, please feel tagged by me ;-)


  1. I suck at being tagged. I never realize ;-)
  2. I love digital scrapbooking, I’m designing a calendar for my dad for christmas and I made something for my mum aswell. my dsb blog is the loving lounge
  3. I love casting shows on TV
  4. I’ve had a pain in my left shoulder for years, still have
  5. I speak 3 and understand 7 languages
  6. I love bathing but don’t have a tub
  7. my favorite holiday is new years eve
  8. I love the novels of marion zimmer bradley
  9. I watched every episode of charmed and satc and have them all on dvd
  10. I don’t like my job

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