merry christmas manicure, belated weddingsday manicure and some fun stuff for you!

. Thursday, December 24, 2009

  NLD Glass ornament decorated



merry christmas


to all of you,


my dearest readers!



finally the day has come. and today’s special manicure was inspired by one of my favorite christmas images – angel wings. it’s not so much, that I believe in angels, I just like the image and the vibes.

I used opi merry midnight, the new christmas image plate t34 + konad silver. and I placed 1 rhinestone on each ringfinger.

I think the pics are pretty good, this polish is difficult to capture, but there was some sunlight today.





I haven’t had time to show you my wedding day manicure yet, our wedding day was on dec. 21st. (winter solstice). I used opi ds coronation, m65 and konad dark red. I love this stamping polish, it’s a very deep jelly red that looks fabulous on lighter base colors. I love the way the glitter shines through the stamping!



and here’s the fun part:

1: I’ll be having an after christmas giveaway for you, I think I’m gonna post this tomorrow, so stay tuned!

2: klaatu42 from youtube, who I am a big fan of, has made an awesome christmas carol video, hope you like it as much as I did, enjoy!

4 readers thoughts:

nihrida said...

I love the angel wing stamp. Which brand of IP is this?

gildedangel said...

Beautiful manis; have a Merry Christmas!

lavender said...

I like the rose design!

Jenny$1983 said...

These are both beautiful, the wedding mani works so well! Congratulations, and of course Merry Christmas :)

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