1st advent manicure

. Monday, November 30, 2009
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yesterday it was the first sunday in advent-time. in austria (and other european countries) the 4 sundays before christmas are called advent sundays and are celebrated by lighting candles on an advent wreath, decorated with evergreens and bows. it’s like the countdown to christmas. I don’t know, if the four weeks before christmas are celebrated like this in other countries.
well, this year I didn’t tie a wreath, mostly because my daughter would break it within 10 minutes and burn her little fingers on the candles. but I did a special manicure.
I found a napkin just perfect for holiday nailart, it has these very small images which fit perfectly on the nail. and it’s much easier to apply just a small piece of napkin instead of covering the whole nail.
I applied 2 coats of alessandro 295, which is a cool-toned gold, and 1 coat of 297, which is a cool gold glitter. for this manicure I chose the holly designs and applied them by using the napkin decoupage technique. on the middle finger I stuck on the 3d artpieces I created with the mold I got at nailart und mehr.
I love the look of the 3d artpieces, but I have to admit that it’s not for everyday use. but if you are going to a christmasparty it’s the perfect nailart ;-)

the reason why I’m not posting so many posts lately is that my dad is in hospital. he had a surgery and got a hip prothesis. the problem is, that he is suffering from dementia and someone has to go there every day to look after him, as the nurses aren’t very dedicated. so I’m there quite often. but he’s coming home soon.

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layering: calypso blue, dorothy who? + nfu 52

. Friday, November 27, 2009
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I’ve been offline for 2 days now, I upgraded from vista to win7, and it was a mess! why can those things never work out like they are supposed to? I was so frustrated that I decided to apply a template instead of a background *lol*

anyways, I did some layering yesterday, something I had in mind since I got the wizards.

here’s what I used:



as I commented in the wizard review, I think dorothy who? looks better layered on something dark blue. I used 1 coat of china glaze calypso blue as a base. then I applied 1 coat of dorothy and over this 1 coat of nfu.oh 52, which is iridescent blue-green flakes in a sheer purple base.

and that’s what it looks like: I love it! what do you think?




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nivea pure diamond collection (+ h23)

. Thursday, November 26, 2009
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yesterday I found a new nivea display called diamond collection, with 3 autumnally shades of polish. one was a berry pink, one was a darker nude/beige and one was a reddish brown. that was the one I chose, because I already have polishes very similar to the others, and 10€ (15$) for one bottle of drugstorepolish is not exactly cheap, right?


berry charms is a medium redtoned brown creme. in some lighting it looks pinktoned. the formula was thick and sticky, so it was difficult to apply. I thought I would like this one more, but it’s to warm for my skintone. 


I added some china glaze magic matte topcoat and stamped with h23 and china glaze cherish.

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essie matte about you vs. china glaze matte magic

. Monday, November 23, 2009
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I've had some readers requests if there was any difference between those 2 matte finishing topcoats. and in short: no there is no difference. they look the same, they smell the same, they dry in the same time and they achieve the same flat looking finish:

index + ring: essie, middle + pinkie: china glaze

and here's an autumnally stamping using p18 and konad gold on zoya kalista

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quickie: zoya kalista

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I don't have many zoyas. in fact I only have 5, and I won 1 on them. I don't know why; they have pretty colors of high quality, but they are just not "calling" me ^^
anyways, I've had this one quite a while now, and it's the first time I applied it. I had it on my wishlist for quite some time and couldn't even remember how it looked. and I was shocked when I got it, because I don't think it still would be on my wishlist now *lol* ("be careful what you wish for, it might come true" haha)

but it's a good color for fall, I think, and it's not that bad, just a matter of taste...


soft flash


kalista is a vampy redtoned purple with bronze shimmer. this makes it look brownish or orange-toned. it's opaque with 2 coats and dries rather quickly. it was creamy and smooth, but the brush was crappy, because the edges were longer than the middle o_O
on the pics I'm wearing high shine topcoat. I applied some matte topcoat and stamping, you will see this in the next post!

about sunpics: today I realized, that the sun doesn't make it to our windows anymore. this is so weird, in summer we have sunshine from morning til late afternoon! so I guess there will be no more sunlightpics before springtime o_O I'm living in an apartment on 3rd floor in a big city, and there is no way I could go outside to make pics. :-(

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nailart contest WINNER

. Saturday, November 21, 2009
3 readers thoughts

after counting all valid votes, the winner of the nailart contest is


with her multilayered stamping nailart. congratulations!

a quick note about the votes: I did not count any anonymous votes, which also included votes, that only carried a name, without a link. the reason is, that some votes came from the same IP adress. that's cheating. and I simply don't have the time to doublecheck every vote.
I did count votes with a link, and I did not check all links, for the same reason. next time I will choose the winner all by myself ;-)
this decision is final.

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notd: grapes and berries

. Friday, November 20, 2009
9 readers thoughts

t-p: OPI siberian nights, misa sorry, just can't help it, OPI pamplone purple, misa push upon it, misa that's my little secret.

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the wizard of ohh ahz returns...swatches!

. Thursday, November 19, 2009
14 readers thoughts

erste neuigkeit: ich habe nach langem überlegen entschieden, die deutschen einträge wegzulassen. es tut mir zwar leid, weil ich immer einen deutschsprachigen blog schreiben wollte, aber es ist einfach zu zeitaufwändig, alles doppelt zu schreiben. und da doch der großteil der leser nicht deutsch spricht, habe ich diesen weg nun gewählt. ich hoffe, ihr seid mir nicht böse und könnt es nachvollziehen. kommentare werde ich natürlich weiterhin deutsch beantworten, und vl wird auch hin und wieder ein deutscher beitrag folgen, man wird sehen ;-)
first news: in one sentence: I'm gonna skip the german and stick with english.

second news: I've received my first pre-(re)-release polishes! how cool is that?! china glaze sent me the fabulous and long-awaited wizard of ohh ahz returns collection. thank you so much! I'm so happy I'm able to show you swatches of polishes that aren't available yet. maybe I can help you decide, which of those you really need, and which you need just a bit ;-)

ruby pumps - I'm sure you all have seen swatches of this before, or even own it. it's been one of china glaze's bestsellers ever since it was launched with the original wizard of ohh ahz collection back in 2001. and I think since then it's been part of collections every year. but believe it or not, this is my first bottle of the sparkly red elixir! and in case you don't know, it's a heavy loaded red glitter in a medium red jelly base.

good witch? - this one is a frosted, I'd call it antique, pink with pink glitter. I like the color, but you know, I'm not a pink-polish girl and this is not my favorite of the collection. I think I'd have prefered the bad witch, which would have been a green instead ;-)

cowardly lyin' - a frosted light yellow-gold with golden glitter. it's not a christmas gold, more an easter gold, if you know what I mean.

the ten man - frosted light silver with silver glitter. this one has a white touch to it, it looks like snow in moonlight, very pretty!

c-c-courage - frosted dark purple with lighter purple glitter. I'm happy about the picture, it's pretty color-true, usually my camera absorbs the blue part of these colors. there also seems to be some silver glitter in it, it's looks like it on the nail, but I can't find it in the bottle.

dorothy who? - medium blue jelly with tons of blue and silver glitter. this ought to be my favorite: it's blue, it's jelly, it's sparkling, omg it's so sparkling! it even sparkles in street lighting by night! but it needed 4 coats to get sort of opaque and that's what disappointed me about this one.

all of those were three coaters. except c-c-courage, which was fine with 2, and dorothy who, which needed at least 4 coats. it's a pain that this one is so sheer, but on the other hand it wouldn't be so sparkling if it was more opaque.

the formula was good, a bit runny, but ok. I didn't use topcoat in any of the pictures, but I guess it's a good idea to wear one. it will bring out the glitter and shine even more. concerning the frosted shades I didn't have any troubles with brushstrokes at all.

and here are some layering experiments ^^

matte magic over c-c-courage. the flat finish of matte magic is very similar to essie matte about you. and the look of this combination reminds me of one of the suedes by OPI. like it!

one coat of dorothy who? over c-c-courage. much better! I suggest you apply a medium to dark blue (or purple) base under dorothy who?, I really love this look, it's like I'd expected dorothy who?.

and a little stamping using m53 and astor silver ;-)

well, I hope you liked my little pre-re-release preview and swatches! I will try to make some sunlight pics, but, you know, the weather...

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autumn nailart winner - please vote!

. Wednesday, November 18, 2009
183 readers thoughts

edit: STOPP

ok guys, I know you want to win or want to support your favorite blogger, but I'm not stupid! I have a counter and I can prove, that some of those votes came from the same person! I will not count votes, which came anonymous, which means also those votes, which only carry a name, without a link to a blogger account! please, don't play any more tricks on me!

hier ist also die vorauswahl:
this is the preselection:

#1 I love the colors and the real clover in this one.

#2 I love the colors and the stamping look in this one.

#3 I love the many different stampinglayers in this one.

#4 I love the different handpainted impressions of fall in this one.

#5 I love the chilly look and the handpainted objects in this one.

jetzt liegt es an euch. bitte gebt eure stimme bis fr, 20.11. mitternacht ab. der gewinner wird am samstag bekannt gegeben. bitte nur eine stimme pro person.
now it's up to you. please vote before fr, 20/11 midnight. the winner will be announced on saturday. only one vote/person please.

edit: I added some # to make it easier ;-)

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winner! winners! winner?

8 readers thoughts

als aller erstes möchte ich mich bei euch allen für die zahlreiche teilnahme an den contests bedanken! und unglaublich, aber wahr, ist in den letzten 2 wochen die leserzahl von 113 auf 172 gestiegen, plus 220 feedabonnenten und zahlreiche emailsubscribers. ich finde das toll und freue mich total. so, nun aber zum wesentlichen:
first of all I want to thank you all for entering the contests. there was a large attendance! and during the last two weeks the number of followers grew from 113 to 172, plus 220 feedsubscribers and many emailsubscribers. that's so cool and I'm very happy about that! now, let's get to the point:

what am I wearing quiz:

die richtige antwort lautete/the right answer was:

und gewonnen hat/and the winner is:

Katjamaria - komerossa.blogspot.com

congratulations Katjamaria! please contact me at polishlounge@yahoo.de within 48 hrs!

regular reading quiz:

die richtige antwort lautet/the right answer was:

12.Oktober 2008

und gewonnen haben/and the winners are:


Tabula Rasa - vampingwithstamping.blogspot.com

Chinda-chan - goettinderfinsternis.blogspot.com

contests and such - alotofcontestsandsuch.blogspot.com

Redz2486 - redz2486.blogspot.com

congratulations to all of you! please contact me at polishlounge@yahoo.de within 48 hrs!

nailart contest autumn:

ich habe eine menge wunderschöner manis zugeschickt bekommen, und ich weiß eure arbeit sehr zu schätzen! aber es kann nur einen gewinner geben, nur, ich kann mich nicht entscheiden. ich habe eine vorauswahl getroffen, die ich im nächsten post präsentieren werde, und ich bitte euch alle, in einem kommentar für eine der maniküren abzustimmen. anonyme stimmen werden nicht mitgezählt!
I got a lot of really beautiful entries, and I appreciate the work you did! but, there has to be one winner. and honestly, I can't decide. I made a preselection of 5 manicures, which I will present in the next post. and I'm asking you all to choose one and leave a comment. anonymous votes will not count!

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essence into the night + h22

. Tuesday, November 17, 2009
1 readers thoughts

und das hier habe ich dann aus into the night gemacht, gestampt mit h22 und astor silver.
and that's what I made out of into the night, stamped with h22 and astor silver.

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essence moonlight collection

2 readers thoughts

bevor ich zu den lacken komme, wollte ich euch zeigen, wie das wetter in den letzten tagen bei uns war, und warum ich euch daher nur blitzfotos präsentieren kann (die allerdings farbecht sind!)
first of all I want to show you, how the weather was the last days, and why I only can provide flash pictures (which are color true!)

eigentlich wollte ich diese le auslassen. ich bin weder twilight fan (alles was so gehypt wird, interessiert mich nicht besonders) noch fand ich die lacke interessant. aber da ich derzeit nicht zum in den USA bestellen komme, bleiben nicht so viele alternativen, um meine sucht zu stillen ^^
die le umfasst 3 micro glitterlacke:
I wanted to skip this le in the first place. I'm neither a twilight fan (too much hype) nor did the polishes arouse my interest. but I can't order in the US at the moment, so there are not so many alternatives to satisfy my addiction ^^ the le includes 3 micro glitterpolishes:

01 live forever ist mittelgrau mit silberglitter. der lack ist recht flüssig, aber gut deckend. ich habe nur 2 coats gebraucht, was mich sehr überrascht hat.
... is medium gray with silverglitter. the polish is rather runny, but opaque. I only needed 2 coats, which was a big surprise.

02 into the night ist der selbe silberglitter in einem sehr dunklen, fast schwarzen grau. dieser lack ist, anders als die beiden anderen, eher dicker, wodurch er sich besser auftragen lies. er ist mit 1 coat schon deckend gewesen, trotzdem habe ich 2 aufgetragen.                             
... is the same silverglitter in a very dark, almost black gray. the polish was thicker than the other 2, which made application easier. it was opaque with 1 coat, but I used 2 in the picture.

03 sparkling dawn ist ein gräuliches rosè, ebenfalls mit dem gleichen glitter wie die anderen beiden. auch dieser lack war mit 2 coats deckend, obwohl er wie 01 eher flüssig war. die farbe ist total schön, passt aber irgendwie nicht so recht zu meinem hautton.
...is a graytoned rosy pink, again with the same glitter. this polish was opaque with 2 coats, too, but as runny as 01. I love the color, but it doesn't match my skintone.

die le ist schon länger erhältlich, manche geschäfte/regionen sind schon längst ausverkauft, andere haben die collection noch gar nicht erhalten. also heisst es "augen offen halten" ;-)
this le was launched some time ago, but some shops/regions didn't get it yet. so you'll have to keep your eyes peeled ;-)

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astor diamond collection silver + m56

. Monday, November 16, 2009
2 readers thoughts

bei dm habe ich einen aufsteller von astor gefunden, ich weiss allerdings nicht, ob der silver tatsächlich ein neuer lack ist, oder nur in den aufsteller gepackt wurde. auf jeden fall sieht er gut aus!
I found a display of astor with some polish, but I don't know if it's new colors, or just some old packed into a new collection. but it looks great!

silver ist ein metallic silber (nona), das sehr gut deckt und kaum pinselstriche zeigt, wie es bei metalliclacken vorkommen kann. der lack lässt sich gut auftragen und trocknet relativ schnell. der pinsel ist schön breit, genauso wie ich es mag. dieser lack reiht sich perfekt in die reihe der aktuellen chromes (oder khromes ;-) ein.
is a metallic silver (wouldn't you know), very opaque and little brushstrokes. application was great, it dried quickly. the brush is rather wide, which I like very much. this polish integrates into the new chromes (or khromes ;-) perfectly.

und dann habe ich noch ein einfaches, aber süsses stamping mit konad m56 gemacht:
and then I added a simple but cute stamping using konad m56:

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new header

1 readers thoughts

ich habe einen header gemacht, ich denke, ich sollte die designer der einzelnen teile erwähnen. also, ich habe freebies von rebecca b und thaliris benutzt, und noch ein paar andere sachen, die nicht mit namen versehen wurden. sollte sich also der eine oder andere designer wiederfinden, bitte melden!

I've made a header, I think I have to mention, which products I used. hm, let's see, I used free stuff from rebecca b and thaliris, and some other stuff without naming on it. sorry to the designer, if you find yourself in my header, please leave a note!

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contests: last call!

. Saturday, November 14, 2009
1 readers thoughts

so mädels, letzte chance, an den contests teilzunehmen! in 24h ist der spuk vorbei! links findet ihr im kästchen rechts --->
girls, last chance to enter the contests. in 24h it's all over! you can find the links in the right bar --->

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the naked truth 3

8 readers thoughts

es wird zeit, euch ein update meiner naturnägel zu geben. seit etwa 2 monaten benutze ich nun die p2 basecoat kombi, und ich bin sehr zufrieden damit! die nägel haben sich nach dem acryl entfernen gut erholt und sind kaum verfärbt. der grüne pfeil zeigt an, wie weit die acrylstelle rausgewachsen ist. ich werde diese basecoat kombi auf jeden fall weiter nutzen!
it's time to give you an update on my naked nails. I've been using the p2 basecoat combination for about 2 months now and I'm very pleased! the nails have recovered a lot since removing the acrylics and are just a little stained. the arrow shows you how far the acrylic underground has grown out. I am definately going to keep this basecoat combi!

P2 total repair

P2 fast help repair

so würde ich mich sogar ganz ohne farblack raustrauen.
like this I would even go out without colored polish.



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notd: china glaze caribbean blue + h24

3 readers thoughts

heute trage ich caribbean blue, ein hellblau mit kleinen glass flecks, und darüber auf anfrage ein stamping mit h24 und weiss. topcoat ist fairy dust von china glaze, leider nicht so gut zu sehen, auf dem verschwommenen foto erkennt man es etwas besser, das blau entspricht aber dem auf dem oberen foto.
today I'm wearing caribbean blue, a light blue with small glass flecks. on request I stamped with h24 and white. as topcoat I used fairy dust from china glaze, you can see the glitter in the blurry pic, the blue is like in the first pic.

caribbean blue ist ein bisschen flüssig, aber trotzdem gut deckend.
falls ihr gerne ein bestimmtes stampingmotiv "live" sehen möchtet, könnt ihr mir eine anfrage an polishlounge@yahoo.de senden.
caribbean blue is a bit runny, but still opaque.
if you would like to see a certain stampingdesign "live", you can send me a request at polishlounge@yahoo.de.

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quickie: color club wild at heart

. Thursday, November 12, 2009
6 readers thoughts

ich habe die heutige sonne gleich genutzt, um diese holo-schönheit abzulichten. dieser lack ist teil der aktuellen gleichnamigen color club herbstkollektion.
today I took advantage of the sun and applied this holo-beauty. this polish is part of the color club fall collection of the same name.

wild at heart ist ein rötlich-violetter hololack. der holoeffekt ist nicht sehr ausgeprägt, in indirektem licht ist er gar nicht zu sehen. ich denke, er ist LOL sehr ähnlich, allerdings habe ich den lack nicht mehr zum vergleichen. 
wild at heart ist wunderbar cremig und deckend, die applikation war problemlos. ich habe diesen lack einfach über die gestrige maniküre gepinselt (hatte keine zeit, sie vorher abzumachen, weil sonst wäre die sonne wieder weg gewesen ^^) und schon nach 1 coat hat man nichts mehr davon gesehen!
... is a redtoned purple holo. the holoeffect is not very distinct, in indirect lighting you can't see it at all. i think it's similar to LOL, but I can't compare 'cause I don't have that polish anymore.
wild at heart is perfectly creamy and opaque, application was great. I applied it over yesterdays mani (if I had removed it before, the sun would have gone ^^) and it was opaque with 1 coat!

und hier ein kleines spassvideo zum lack mit fotos und einem kurzen videoeinspieler ^^ (die musik ist gut!)
and here's a little funvideo with pics and a video of the polish ^^ (the music is good, though!)

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