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. Wednesday, December 9, 2009



this is another essence le I didn’t really care about. the colors are very retro, nothing special at first sight. but yesterday I found them on sale and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to get them anyways ^^

I only got 2 of them though and I kind of regret leaving the other 2 in the store. maybe I’ll pick them up next time.

here we go:



meet you in budapest: this is a very nice dark teal creme, right in between green and blue. I have a lot of teals, but this one is the most perfect, so I’m happy I decided to buy this.



matryoshka doll:  a dark brown creme, very muddy. first I thought it’s similar to jacques, but it’s not. this one is much darker and deeper. I really like this one, and the funny thing is, that my mum just gave me my old, originally russian matryoshka dolls (we used to call them babushka), which I loved to play with many many years ago!



the formula on these was good, a bit runny, but still opaque. I used 2 coats and a topcoat on the pics. brush as always.

5 readers thoughts:

CucumPear said...

I got the orange and the teal, and while I really liked the colours I found that they stained my nails a bit. But as they were stained before it doesn't really matter, right? ;-)

Maestra said...

Oh, yes Budapest is a total winner here. I love it! And lucky me, I already have it! Yay! :D

loungie said...

cucumpear: I haven't removed it yet, but I hope my p2 basecoat is a good shield ;-)

Tabula Rasa,,, said...

What a gorgeous teal! And speaking of the babushka/matryoshka, does you daughter like to play with them? I always wanted a set because of this sesame street video, but are not widely available here.

loungie said...

haha that's cute!
my big one has also 10 parts. lili doesn't play with them yet, she's too small and would swallow the pieces ;-)
my dad got mine from businesstrips to russia. maybe you find one on ebay?!

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