essence le – secrets of the past - part 2 (and my cats)

. Saturday, December 12, 2009

I did it ;-) I got the other 2 polishes of the essence le. they were on sale for 90 cent. how could I not have bought them?!

flowerfields is a fresh neon orange. the polish was runny and not as opaque as the brown and teal. I used 2 coats, but you can still see the tips shining trough. it’s nice but totally inappropriate for this season. it’s more a summer color, the only orange thing I can think of at christmas time are oranges and tangerines. and I think there’s a similar color in the core range.
glittering daylight is not glittering at all. it’s an off white creme, and it’s sheer. I had hoped it would be as opaque as the other polishes in the collection, but after 3 thick coats it’s still blotchy. it’s a bit thicker than the others and I like it, because it’s off white - it looks better on my skintone than bright white. but I never do more than 3 coats, so I guess I’m not gonna use this very often.

chinda wanted to see some pics of my cats, so for all cat lovers here they are:
gismo – he’s small and slim, cute, cuddly and jealous. and he’s peeing on my furniture in the bedroom, nasty cat!
gumbie is much bigger and a little bit fat ;-) he loves eating and is a little chicken-hearted when he doesn’t know people or the doorbell rings.

they are actually twins, but I think they had different fathers ^^

5 readers thoughts:

Evil Angel said...

I really have to get some essence polishes!
Adorable kitties!

Jenny$1983 said...

*gasp* Your kitties are stunning! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Deine Fingernägel sehen ganz toll aus! Hast Du was Besonderes mit ihnen gemacht (spezieller Unterlack oder sowas)?
Schön, mal Fotos von Deinen Katzen zu sehen!

Liebe Grüße
von Papyra

loungie said...

thanks :-)

papyra: nö eigentlich nicht, verwende immer noch die 2 p2 unterlacke als basecoat. hab sie nur wachsen lassen und die form etwas geändert :-)

Chinda-chan said...

Oh, die sind ja unglaublich süß. *-*
Gismo's Blick ist echt niedlich. *nick*
Gumbie sieht man auch an, dass er ein bisschen scheu ist. :-)

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