giveaway winner and nye picspam

. Friday, January 1, 2010


happy new year everyone!


I will start this post with some picspam from yesterday, as promised I made som pics of the lead-pouring and our dinner.


do you know raclette? I love it, it’s our special new year’s eve dinner tradition. our raclette grill has a hot stone (? it’s a stone plate you grill meat on) at the top and some little pans underneath, were you can put potatoes and vegetables and melt some cheese. it’s so delicious, and I always overeat! I will upload some more pictures and maybe some recipes on my cooking lounge in a few days.

after midnight we did the lead-pouring (I hope it’s the right term), here’s how this works:


put the tin (?) figurine on the spoon

blei5 melt it

blei4pour it into cold water

and then predict your future:


I got a broken anchor, not sure what that means, an anchor stands for travelling and help. 


those are the broken parts, a torch (long life, that’s good!), a shepherd’s staff (hm), and I think the right one is a fish? (good luck in gambling).


that’s what my husband got: I think it’s a ship (a journey into the unknown).

so, he’s got the ship, and I got the broken anchor. what do you think that means?!


that’s my daughter, trying to make a noise with the noisemaker, but she kept putting the wrong end into her mouth *o*


giveaway winner


thank’s for all your entries! the gifts were all awful and you have my deepest sympathy *lol*

I tried to put myself in your shoes, and there were 3 gifts/situations, which I think were the worst. the winner is:


who got a box of special chocolate from her (now ex)boyfriend, after telling him a few weeks before, that she hated this sort of chocolate. and it was the only gift she got from him. I know how it feels, when someone you love and who is supposed to love you back, just doesn’t listen to what you say or feel!

Bianka, bitte schicke mir eine mail an polishlounge(at) mit deinem namen und deiner adresse. herzlichen glückwunsch!

7 readers thoughts:

~Lisa said...

That lead-melting thing is quite unusual...=/ Interesting how it makes a picture.

And congratz to the winner!

Enter my giveaway?

Chinda-chan said...

Bei uns gibt's immer zu Weihnachten Raclett (das Weihnachtsraclett hat bei uns auch schon Tratition, aber unseres hat eine Metall/Teflon-Platte) und zu Silvester Lachsbrötchen.
Bleigießen haben wir auch gemacht, ich hab ein Hufeisen bekommen, dass verheißt gute Geschäfte. Na, ich bin gespannt. :-D

Anonymous said...

That's a very cool tradition! And the food looks great! Hmmm, envy :)

Happy 2010!

Bianka said...

Wow, da waren die Mon Cherie ja doch für was gut ;)

Raclette ist lecker, haben wir letztes Jahr zu Silvester das erste Mal gemacht. Dieses Jahr hatten meine Eltern leider keine Lust drauf. Genauso wenig wie auf Bleigießen, dabei ist das doch immer so amüsant. Beim letzten Mal hatte ich nen Engel, weiß aber gar nicht mehr was das bedeutete :D

rijaH said...

We did the raclette thingy to this new years :D so fun and you get so full fast :)

Bianka said...

Die Lacke sind heute angekommen, vielen lieben Dank dafür :)

loungie said...

hat aber ganz schön lange gedauert! o_O

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