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. Friday, December 25, 2009


so, how was your christmas? was it nice, quite and merry? or did you party? we were at my parents’  on christmas eve, here in austria we usually celebrate christmas on christmas eve, with dinner and unwrapping gifts. we got some fishy appetizers, roasted goose with red cabbage and caramelized potatoes and rice pudding. we get this meal every year, and I love it!

CIMG9775 CIMG9774

I got some nice gifts, a graph tablet for my pc and an electric manicure set, which I will show you soon. I got a celine dion christmas cd, my mother thought I liked her music. well, no… I also got a gift coupon from my husband, and I hate that, because he NEVER redeems it! so in fact he presented me with a piece of paper.

and this brings me to my today’s giveaway: I’m sure, all of you once got something really baaad for christmas. and I want to know:

what was the worst thing you ever got?

tell me in a comment, and I will select the worst gift ever ;-) and as a consolation you will get these 3 awesome s-he glitter polishes from me! enter until dec. 31, midnight austrian time!


18 readers thoughts:

Bianka said...

Das schlimmste Geschenk kam von meinem Ex-Freund, der hat mir Mon Cherie geschenkt, obwohl ich ihm gerade ein paar Wochen vorher erzählt hatte, dass ich die Teile absolut ekelhaft finde. Und das war das einzige Geschenk, nicht einfach nur ne Zugabe zu was anderem. Das hätte ich ja dann nicht tragisch gefunden, aber einfach nur Mon Cherie, obwohl ich ihm erzählt hatte, dass ich die nicht mag - das geht einfach gar nicht. Da habe ich mich dann doch gefragt, ob der mir überhaupt zuhört, wenn ich rede..

Ansonsten habe ich mal von meiner Oma ein Kinderspiel geschenkt bekommen. Das war vor 3 Jahren und ich demnach 18. Ich habs mit Humor genommen, gab ja schließlich noch Süßigkeiten und Geld dazu ;) Das Spiel habe ich dann der Tochter meiner Cousine geschenkt, die zu dem Zeitpunkt gerade 2 war - die konnte da wohl mehr mit anfangen als ich ^^

~Lisa said...

My worst gift was when we had a secret santa, I got some used stinky socks!! D=

nihrida said...

I think it would be just too rude to name the worst gift. Gift is still a gift, if you like it or not.
Guess I'm not in the drawing then. =)
That first photo looks YUMMY!

thriszha said...

i dont think i have any worst gift that i had... any simple thing.. expensive or not a big deal for me...coz for me its the thoughts that count.. merry xmas and happy new year to u... xoxo

gildedangel said...

The worst gift that I ever recieved was in my stocking when I was little; Santa brought me asparagus :/

Lani - said...

swiffers (the wipe type things you dust with)

MinderMutsig (Kirsten) said...

My worst present was a book of 15 mile hiking routes in my area.
I have arthritis and at the time I was practically in a wheelchair and there wasn't much hope of my condition getting better.
What were they thinking?!

Normally I would say you have to be grateful for every gift but this one was just incredibly inconsiderate.

Chinda-chan said...

Ich muss sagen, ich kann mich nicht erinnern je ein wirklich schlimmes Geschenk bekommen zu haben.
Ich hab schon als Kind meine Familie dazu 'erzogen', mich zu FRAGEN, was ich haben will. Demnach bekomme nur das, was ich will. :-D

chocaddict said...

My husband is the worst gift-maker in the world, he has absolutely no imagination and no patience for finding gift ideas.
The worst Christmas gift he made me was a few years before we married right when we started dating.
It was dec 24th at 2pm and he hadn't bought me anything yet so he just asked me "what do you want for christmas?" I was shocked and angry he hadn't started looking for my present earlier so as I was in the bathroom putting some face cream on and my tube was almost empty I replied "Just get me a replacement for this!". It was a very expensive high end face cream.

That night I unwrapped a tube of cheap drugstore anti-wrinkle face cream. I was 17 and I think I cried for most of that Christmas eve.

LisaLove said...

When I stepped out on my doormat on the morning of the 24th, there was kind of a suprise Christmas gift there... My neighbor's dog had just left me a large pile of newly made dog shit. And no - I didn't see it in time to avoid stepping right on it. A bad start to a great Christmas Eve! :)

ART OF NAIL said...

My Worst gift I think, a second hand blouse.... =)

contests and such said...

I really can't think of one. I know that this year I did lose a $25 check from my grandma this year, the best gift ever= $!!

Ana Rita said...

My worst present... maybe one cheap and little makeup suitcase, with dried nail polishes in it -.-'

Rachael said...

Worst present was a week of used gifts from a secret santa.
candles, dish towels, a re-gifted glittery angel. It was so sad watching everyone open up their fun presents while I secretly dreaded opening mine, thinking to myself what crap am I gonna get today? lol!

Katie said...

The worst present that I ever received for Christmas was a sweater from my great-aunt. She knows I like penguins, so she always buys me penguin paraphernalia. Unfortunately, this was a sweater that would be a shoo-in for an ugly sweater contest. It was a glorious mess in general, but I think that the fact that the penguins were missing their heads says it all.

Gabriela said...

The worst gift that I received was a set of three floral printed panties. They looked like a panty for grandmother...

LaLadyBunny said...

Ich glaube das schlimmste Geschenk bekam vor 2 oder 3 Jahren von meiner damaligen besten Freundin: neon gelben Lidschatten, neon grüne Haarfarbe und Zahnschwarz xD alles samt und sonders Faschings Make up. Der Kommentar dazu: "Na du stehst doch auf ausgefallene Schminke!"

Dann rückte sie mit dem Geschenkgutschein von Douglas raus ;)

irene.olocco said...

one year at christmas my aunt gave an handmade sweater to my sister and to each one of my cousins
for me there was just a pair of socks

happy new year!!!!!

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