2nd advent manicure – vintage christmas

. Sunday, December 6, 2009

today it’s not only the 2nd advent sunday, it’s also “nikolo”, which is a kind of santa clause tradition here in austria. st. nikolaus (santa) and “krampus” (santa’s little helper) come to visit the kids and give them nikolosackerl (bags with candy, fruits and nuts)  if they were bad, they get a birching and get a bag of coals ;-) actually krampus has his own special day on dec. 5.this is a very long tradition, esp. in the rural communities, called “perchtenlauf”.  perchten and krampus are not exactly the same, if you are interested in the tradition, take a peek at wikipedia, it’s a little complicated to explain in 2 sentences…


my todays manicure has a vintage touch, I used 2 coats of illamasqua hectic over black, a matte top coat and china glaze the ten man. I stamped with P16 and konad silver.

9 readers thoughts:

Doo said...

So interesting to hear about your traditions! Those other helpers don't look so happy? LOL Are they the ones to bring the coal? Lovely manicure :)

gildedangel said...

That is so pretty; I love it!

loungie said...

thank you!

doo: santa's little helper is not a very good translation ;-) maybe it's the christmas gringe? the funny thing is: the dog of the simpsons, santa's little helper, is called "knecht ruprecht" in german, which is the same as krampus.
and yes, he's the one who brings the coal and the birch ;-)

Chinda-chan said...

I would say: "Krampus" is more the evil Part of Santa. For the children which were naughty. ;-D

lavender said...

i love this creation very much.

Mary said...

I love to hear/read about all of the different tradeitions around the world. Your Advent manicure is just beautiful.

Camy said...

Wow, It's so beautiful!

thriszha said...

very interesting tradition...love ur advent mani anyways...

ainos2 said...

Oh wow-I love that shade of green!

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