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. Thursday, November 19, 2009

erste neuigkeit: ich habe nach langem überlegen entschieden, die deutschen einträge wegzulassen. es tut mir zwar leid, weil ich immer einen deutschsprachigen blog schreiben wollte, aber es ist einfach zu zeitaufwändig, alles doppelt zu schreiben. und da doch der großteil der leser nicht deutsch spricht, habe ich diesen weg nun gewählt. ich hoffe, ihr seid mir nicht böse und könnt es nachvollziehen. kommentare werde ich natürlich weiterhin deutsch beantworten, und vl wird auch hin und wieder ein deutscher beitrag folgen, man wird sehen ;-)
first news: in one sentence: I'm gonna skip the german and stick with english.

second news: I've received my first pre-(re)-release polishes! how cool is that?! china glaze sent me the fabulous and long-awaited wizard of ohh ahz returns collection. thank you so much! I'm so happy I'm able to show you swatches of polishes that aren't available yet. maybe I can help you decide, which of those you really need, and which you need just a bit ;-)

ruby pumps - I'm sure you all have seen swatches of this before, or even own it. it's been one of china glaze's bestsellers ever since it was launched with the original wizard of ohh ahz collection back in 2001. and I think since then it's been part of collections every year. but believe it or not, this is my first bottle of the sparkly red elixir! and in case you don't know, it's a heavy loaded red glitter in a medium red jelly base.

good witch? - this one is a frosted, I'd call it antique, pink with pink glitter. I like the color, but you know, I'm not a pink-polish girl and this is not my favorite of the collection. I think I'd have prefered the bad witch, which would have been a green instead ;-)

cowardly lyin' - a frosted light yellow-gold with golden glitter. it's not a christmas gold, more an easter gold, if you know what I mean.

the ten man - frosted light silver with silver glitter. this one has a white touch to it, it looks like snow in moonlight, very pretty!

c-c-courage - frosted dark purple with lighter purple glitter. I'm happy about the picture, it's pretty color-true, usually my camera absorbs the blue part of these colors. there also seems to be some silver glitter in it, it's looks like it on the nail, but I can't find it in the bottle.

dorothy who? - medium blue jelly with tons of blue and silver glitter. this ought to be my favorite: it's blue, it's jelly, it's sparkling, omg it's so sparkling! it even sparkles in street lighting by night! but it needed 4 coats to get sort of opaque and that's what disappointed me about this one.

all of those were three coaters. except c-c-courage, which was fine with 2, and dorothy who, which needed at least 4 coats. it's a pain that this one is so sheer, but on the other hand it wouldn't be so sparkling if it was more opaque.

the formula was good, a bit runny, but ok. I didn't use topcoat in any of the pictures, but I guess it's a good idea to wear one. it will bring out the glitter and shine even more. concerning the frosted shades I didn't have any troubles with brushstrokes at all.

and here are some layering experiments ^^

matte magic over c-c-courage. the flat finish of matte magic is very similar to essie matte about you. and the look of this combination reminds me of one of the suedes by OPI. like it!

one coat of dorothy who? over c-c-courage. much better! I suggest you apply a medium to dark blue (or purple) base under dorothy who?, I really love this look, it's like I'd expected dorothy who?.

and a little stamping using m53 and astor silver ;-)

well, I hope you liked my little pre-re-release preview and swatches! I will try to make some sunlight pics, but, you know, the weather...

14 readers thoughts:

CucumPear said...

I agree, a green polish is sorely missing from this collection. Though all colours are pretty, the only ones I really want are c-c-courage and dorothy who? (I love your layering, btw!).

gildedangel said...

I can't wait for this to come out!I am going to get Good Witch and Dorothy Who?!

Brooke said...

I LOVE Ruby Pumps, and thanks for the info about Dorothy Who!

thriszha said...

ohhh those are great swatches.. i much like the dorothy who specially when its matte... which do u think is much better in mattefying a polish the essie or the china glaze

Chinda-chan said...

Schade, dass du nicht mehr in Deutsch schreibst. Aber Gott sei Dank ist mein Englisch ok. :-D

Auf jeden Fall tolle Lacke. Darf ich fragen, wo du bestellt hast?
(Ach ja, ich hab auch erst letztens meinen ersten Ruby Pumps gekauft. In dieser CG Weihnachts-Collection - ich dachte schon, ich wäre die einzige, die da so spät dran ist. :-D)

Anonymous said...

Danke für die tollen Fotos!
Dorothy Who? finde ich superklasse, so wie er auf Deinem Foto ist. Den werde ich mir besorgen und lackieren und wenn er 4 Schichten braucht, ist mir das schnurz.
Ich bin verliebt in diesen Lack. :-D

LG Papyra

Chinda-chan said...

ok, hab schon gesehen, du hast sie von china glaze bekommen - cool. :-D

the-swatchaholic said...

Thank you for your swatches! :)

I just got my invoice and shipping confirmation, yay! I can't wait to play with them! *happydances*

KaThy said...

i love the dorothy who? over c-c-courage... it looks great

Lavender said...

Oh I love the red gorgeous!!

IniuriaNailart said...

Schade das du nicht mehr auf deutsch schreibst, gerade das hat mir an deinem block sehr gefallen. natürlich ist er auch informativ und ich werd ihn trotzdem weiter lesen :D meine englischkenntnisse sind glücklicher weise nicht all zu
schlecht :3 Die lacke sind wunderschön, leider hab ich wie immer nicht die möglichkeit im internet zu bestellen =( liebe grüße ^.^

nihrida said...

I never liked glitter polishes... Until this autumn. =) Now I'm all into it, thanks to China Glaze! Beautiful colors indeed.

Lucy said...

What a pretty colletion. I ordered Dorothy Who? and Cowardly Lion. I already have Ruby Slipers. I think a green the color of the witch's face would have been great. You really have nice photos of your swatches. Thanks.

~Lisa said...

Thanks for the swatches! I really like Ruby Pumps, Good Witch?, and C-C-Courage

The experiment you did were all fabulous!!

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