stamping: chinese china

. Sunday, November 8, 2009

hatte mal wieder lust auf stamping. eigentlich wollte ich etwas ganz anderes machen, irgendwas mit spitze, aber beim durchsehen der platten bin ich bei dieser hängen geblieben. ich finde, es hat etwas von chinesischem porzellan. habe versucht, 2-färbig zu stampen. das ergebnis hätte besser sein können, sieht aber trotzdem ganz nett aus, oder?
I felt like doing some stamping yesterday. actually I wanted to do something totally differend, some kind of lace stamping. but when I went through my plates I ended up with this one. I think it looks like chinese china. I tried stamping with 2 colors at the same time, could have turned out nicer, but I still like it.

base: illamasqua milf
disc: konad s9
stamping: konad red and pink
pink flower rhinestone

8 readers thoughts:

Lumin0us said...

That looks super cute! I love it!^^

gildedangel said...

Very cute!!!

Anonymous said...

It's Japanese, not Chinese.
Still it's cute!

Lucy said...

I want this polish and it's always sold out at Sephora! Looks very cute with the little flowers.

loungie said...

chinese, japanese, that's all greek to me ;-)

shekinaah said...

Lovely! the base colour is gorgeous.

~Lisa said...

Oh, Very cute! It reminds me of the Japanese/Korean kimono prints.

enamoredenamel said...

I cant wait to get some illamaqua when I get down to the states! very nice... also I tagged you in the kreativ blogger tag

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