quickie: OPI my private jet

. Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ich konnte die schwarze holoversion dieses lackes auftreiben und ich liebe ihn! ich liiiiiebe ihn!!! der ist um welten besser als revvvolution. woah, der glitzert und holot, geil! über die deckkraft kann ich nichts sagen, da ich einen coat schwarz verwendet habe, und darüber 2 coats mpj. der lack ist sehr dünnflüssig, aber lässt sich mit dem breiten pinsel hervorragend auftragen. und habe ich schon erwähnt, dass ich ihn liebe?! (vl gibts morgen sonnenfotos)

finally I got the black holoversion of my private jet and I love it! I looooove it!! it's amazing and much more beautiful than revvvolution. the polish is very thin but it applied great with the prowide brush. I used 1 coat black polish and 2 coats mpj. did I mention, that I love it?! (sunlightpics maybe tomorrow)

7 readers thoughts:

Inbal said...

it's gorgeous! so fantastic! the black layer under MPJ is a great idea... :-)

loungie said...

yeah I think it's necessary to get it opaque ;-)

Nicole said...

I love this! I have the non holo version, and it's gorgeous, but that's like ten times more beautiful! I like the idea of the black underneath, that really amps it up.

kelliegonzo said...

great nails!! i needed this, but i picked up blackout from icing before i found MPJ so that is tiding me over haha.

Flavia said...

Hi, I'm trying to find this too, could you please tell me what code/number is on the bottle's bottom label? Thanks, I guess I'll check back on this entry to see if you've added the code or responded by comment!
Thank you,

loungie said...

@ nicole: I got both of them, and I really don't like the brown version. I will never understand why they changed the formula??!!

@ kelliegonzo: thanks!

@ flavia: I checked the label, it's the same number on both this and the brown version. the code is NL B59. the bar code number on this is 945421. I bought it on ebay at sparkling*nails. hope that's helpful!

Lucy said...

I don't own this shade. It's so pretty and glittery. Love it.

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