sephora dark room vs mac beyond jealous

. Wednesday, September 2, 2009

da ist es also, das besagte dupe-pärchen. und was mich besonders ärgert, diesmal sind es 2 teure lacke, also nicht mal wurscht :-(
these are the dupes I was writing about. and the most annoying about this is, that they both are high priced. darn :-(

pinkie/middle mac, ring/index sephora

ich kann diese lacke nicht auseinander halten. sie sind total ident. einzig die kosistenz ist sehr verschieden, der sephora ist wässriger, wodurch man eher 3 coats braucht (oder 2 dicke), der mac hingegen deckt sehr gut. die applikation war beim sephora dadurch schwieriger. und obwohl die beiden lacke total gleich sind, gefällt mir der sephora trotzdem besser. weil er so aussieht, wie ich es erwartet hatte, wohingegen ich erwartet hätte, dass der mac bläulicher und heller ist.
I can't tell those apart. they are totally identical. only the formula of the mac is better, it's more opaque whereas the sephora is kind of watery which makes the application more difficult. although the color is the same I like the sephora more, because I expected the color to be like this whereas I thought the mac would be lighter and more bluish.

2 readers thoughts:

Lucy said...

They are really the same! I didn't even know that there were two different polishes. I don't know if I want either of them I'm so tired of the polishes being almost black.

flinty said...

Wow, I didn't realize at all how close they were. I'm kind of glad I didn't get either -- it looks like a color that could be frankened relatively easily.

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