hot camouflage stamping

. Sunday, January 24, 2010
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originally I wanted to make a real camouflage look stamping, but none of my stampingplates had the right design. so I came up with this military modification:


I used konad m50, konad black and rbl no more war.

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rbl no more war vs. illamasqua hectic

. Saturday, January 23, 2010
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they both are olive green, they both are creme, and yet…



index/ring: hectic, middle/pinkie: no more war

no more war is darker and warmer than hectic, more yellow toned. the formula was rather similar, both two coaters.

I like them both and they work with my skintone.

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rbl no more war

. Friday, January 22, 2010
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if you are a soldier or have plans to join the army, you should really get this polish ^^





no more war is a deep warm olive green creme. it’s beautiful! and it really is the perfect military green.

the formula was good, better than scrangie and grunge. I used poshe over it, and there was almost no shrinkage. nothing much else to say.

I have compared this to illamasqua hectic, I’m gonna show you this tomorrow. I also did a super hot stamping, coming up soon ;-)

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rbl scrangie vs. bb couture venice party

. Tuesday, January 19, 2010
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first time I saw scrangie on scrangie’s blog it totally reminded me of bb couture’s venice party. but now that I got them both in my hands I have to say that I was mistaken.


here are the pictures that originally made me think they could be very similar:


venice party


scrangie ©

you see how similar they look? you will see on the next pictures, how close venice party is to scrangie’s scrangie pic:



index/ring: venice party, middle/pinkie: scrangie

I’m sorry to disappoint everyone who was hoping for a scrangie dupe, but this one is absolutely not. I don’t even need to explain the difference, because it’s pretty obvious. again, I’m wondering, if my scrangie version differs from scrangie’s, because the pictures look so different.

in the last post I was telling you, that I couldn’t use the fast drying tc on scrangie, because it was shrinking. I applied the two polishes yesterday evening without using tc and waited for 3hrs before I went to bed. this is how it looked this morning (all fingers did).


you see, that’s why it’s essential to me that a polish can be combined with a fast drying tc o_O

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rbl scrangie

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I was really curious to see this one in person. this shade was created by scrangie, a fellow blogger. scrangie’s intention was to create a polish that mimics a beetle’s wings.


scrangie is a redtoned purple base with a green iridescent shimmer. I know scrangie describes it as bluetoned, but you will see on my pics that it’s rather redtoned (to me). however the polish looks a bit different on my pics than on hers. and on my nails it looks like on my pictures. maybe she applied more than 2 coats, or maybe the formula is different (which I don’t think).



I really like this shade. it’s very unique and beautiful. but – I don’t like the formula. it’s very thin and blotchy. the first time I applied it, 2 days ago, I used my poshe quick drying tc. this is how it looked 2hrs later:


you see the shrinkage? even worse next morning:


as much as I like this color, it’s a no-go that I can’t use my fast drying tc on it, because being a mum of a 1 year old means, you really don’t have the time to wait some hours for your polish to get dry.

I’m not sure if the polish still is available, because it was part of a limited blogger edition.

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rescue beauty lounge grunge

. Saturday, January 16, 2010
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this is one of the 5 first rbl polishes I got. I’m going to post those one by one, because I’m still doing the china glaze gel treatment, and shouldn’t be using any polish at all. ^^

oh yes, maybe you will notice that the pictures have a better quality because I got a new canon reflex camera for my 30th birthday jan. 6.



grunge is a medium taupe with a subtle silver or light blue shimmer. this is one of the polishes that changes color depending on lighting. it appears rose, lilac, brown, grey or beige. I’d call it a mixture of opi tickle my france-y and orly country club khaki. but the shimmer makes it unique.

the formula was not as good as expected. it was thick but still runny. the brush was a bit stiff. I used 2 coats.

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l’oreal resist & shine black gloss part 3

. Friday, January 15, 2010
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remember, back in october, when I showed you some swatches of the new black gloss collection polishes? there was a red one here and 2 purples here.

I think, they relaunched it now! I found a new display at dm, and there were 2 new shades. remember when I complained, that one of the shades, black khaki, was not available in austria? now it is! and there was yet another new shade!


737 black khaki – ok, I must admit that I had expected much more of this one. it’s not what I would call khaki green, it’s more of a yellowtoned brown shimmer in a black base. it’s too yellow for my skintone. what a shame :-(



731 black blue (?) – this one is new in the collection and it’s freaking gorgeous! it’s a deep blue shimmer in a black base. I think it’s close to OPI yoga-ta get this blue! but it’s not the same shade of blue.

application of both was great, very creamy and pretty opaque with one coat. on the pics I did 2 coats for more depth.

along with those 2 shades came the red and the purples, but they dropped the brown. if you missed those polishes last time I suggest you go and get them now!


update on china glaze calcium gel fortifier:

I’ve been using it for almost 3 weeks now, and rarely used on polish. I don’t feel it has done any improvement to my nails yet. this is a picture of the 3 right hand fingers than keep breaking and chipping.


they still are, and I can hardly keep them in shape. so I guess I will not recommend this product, but there’s still 2 weeks to go. we will see.

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news from ocnailart

. Monday, January 4, 2010
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I just got a mail from kathleen, the owner of there will be some changes concerning the free international shipping: from jan 15th there will be free shipping on orders over $ 40,- (instead of $ 20,-), due to the increased usps postal rates. the 30% discount is still valid and open-ended. visit her onlineshop and use code loungie during checkout, to get this discount. don’t hesitate to contact her or me, if you have any questions.

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giveaway winner and nye picspam

. Friday, January 1, 2010
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happy new year everyone!


I will start this post with some picspam from yesterday, as promised I made som pics of the lead-pouring and our dinner.


do you know raclette? I love it, it’s our special new year’s eve dinner tradition. our raclette grill has a hot stone (? it’s a stone plate you grill meat on) at the top and some little pans underneath, were you can put potatoes and vegetables and melt some cheese. it’s so delicious, and I always overeat! I will upload some more pictures and maybe some recipes on my cooking lounge in a few days.

after midnight we did the lead-pouring (I hope it’s the right term), here’s how this works:


put the tin (?) figurine on the spoon

blei5 melt it

blei4pour it into cold water

and then predict your future:


I got a broken anchor, not sure what that means, an anchor stands for travelling and help. 


those are the broken parts, a torch (long life, that’s good!), a shepherd’s staff (hm), and I think the right one is a fish? (good luck in gambling).


that’s what my husband got: I think it’s a ship (a journey into the unknown).

so, he’s got the ship, and I got the broken anchor. what do you think that means?!


that’s my daughter, trying to make a noise with the noisemaker, but she kept putting the wrong end into her mouth *o*


giveaway winner


thank’s for all your entries! the gifts were all awful and you have my deepest sympathy *lol*

I tried to put myself in your shoes, and there were 3 gifts/situations, which I think were the worst. the winner is:


who got a box of special chocolate from her (now ex)boyfriend, after telling him a few weeks before, that she hated this sort of chocolate. and it was the only gift she got from him. I know how it feels, when someone you love and who is supposed to love you back, just doesn’t listen to what you say or feel!

Bianka, bitte schicke mir eine mail an polishlounge(at) mit deinem namen und deiner adresse. herzlichen glückwunsch!

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edit: guten rutsch and a happy new year!

. Thursday, December 31, 2009
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we’re actually staying at home tonight, there’s nothing much to do with a 1 year old. but I don’t mind at all, I love having a yummy dinner and watching the new year’s eve tv programm! traditionally we eat fondue or raclette, drink champagne and watch “dinner for one” right before midnight. then we open the window and watch the fireworks. I just hope my baby can sleep and will not wake up from all the noise outside.

later on we do some lead-pouring (actually I think it’s tin). you put some tin on a spoon and hold it into a flame. when it’s melted you pour it into cold water and try to predict your future from the resulting shape (which mostly looks like a penis ;-) if we do this tonight I’m gonna show you a picture!)

another tradition is to jump off a chair at midnight or bite the head off a biscuit fish. and you give each other lucky charms.

my today’s manicure is rather simple, I applied a “screaming color” illamasqua obsess and stamped on a bunch of good luck symbols. I added opi text you text me as a topcoat.


I wish you all a very blessed and happy

new year 2010. may it be the best year


and don’t forget to enter the after x-mas giveaway, which ends in a few hours!

edit: I forgot this: have fun!

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